Diablo 3: What Happened to the Hype?

Diablo 3 came out with a big bang with game paraphernalia and the works. The advertising alone was extensive. It wasn’t just on the internet on game related sites, but on TV too. The trailers alone teased at what was to come with brand new characters, weapons, and skills. The monsters proposed to be the top of blizzard’s offering. So what happened to the game that some many players got online with it the first time, played it for a couple of days and beat it? The top level being 60 was as far as one could get. You could play four levels of difficulty and still players weren’t satisfied.
Special items that were seen in the previous game of D2 were not seen in D3. Drop rates of legendary or unique items are rare. Players were playing the game with found gear that frankly was barely up to snuff. Some characters. mainly the wizard had low opportunities to kick butt with the found objects that are necessary to clear areas heavy with demons, especially the major demons. For example, my wizard is a level 27 and doesn’t have any special or unique pieces of armor or weapons. I’m in Act 3 fighting Ghom and having the devil of a time fighting a character that every time you die you have to start over each time beating at the creature. It makes it much harder than it should be. If you can’t find any buddies willing to join your game to help you defeat it, leaves you fighting for you life for an overly extended period of time.
I’ve heard complaints about the game being so easy to be beat and yet, I’ve had no easy means of playing myself. The game is good. It’s meant to challenge the average player and taunt the die hard players with little of any thing else to do in their lives except play video games.

My suggestion is this…if you finished the game through all four levels of hell and find time on your hands, go back through and help those struggling to get past the baddies. Even better develop your own game for people to play and challenge others. Even better take a walk outside and get some fresh air. The game will still be there when you return. Best of luck to those like me who are still struggling through it. Have fun to those who’ve already stomped the last menion of hell. I’m enjoying it.