World of Warcraft: How to Create the Perfect “Boomkin”

The more I play World of Warcraft, the more I’m seeing the use of “boomkins,” or basically, balance druids in the moonkin form. People refer to these as boomkins, because they really are a great form of caster. Boomkins are casters in the sense that they cast spells and do quite a bit of damage with them, however there’s one more unique characteristic about boomkins. These units have tons of armor, as they get a 400% increase in armor from their equipped items. Often, even if boomkins are equipped with cloth, they can have anywhere between 8 and 15 thousand armor, as a caster!
The other good thing about these casters is the fact that they can still shapeshift into other forms or their basic form to allow them to heal theirselves and allies. Not only are they casters, and have a ton of armor, but they can also heal their selves, even while in immediate battle. Of course the healing wouldn’t be as effective as if they were a restoration druid, but the healing will still be decent enough to keep theirselves in the battle.

So, on to how to equip these guys and keep them doing the best damage as well as with a lot of armor. Moonkins are casters. Therefore, you’re going to want to get them tons of bonus spell damage. If you’re on a private server, I recommend staying restoration until you can get the best gear for that realm, seeing how the majority of the time you’re going to have to run through instances to either get the equips or the tokens to buy them with. Restoration druids are extremely popular in “stealth runs” because they need a healer that can still manage to stealth through the instance. For more information on stealth runs, view my article concerning “world of warcraft: How to effectively manage stealth runs”.

If you can get like T7 gear, or maybe some even better, custom gear for that realm, make sure that you get cloth. If you want leather, you’re going to have quite a bit more armor, but nowhere near as much dps will come out of it. You want cloth for the damage. If you go leather, you’ll be doing about half as much damage, but you’ll be able to take about twice as much damage. It really all works out, but having cloth armor is way more effective.

If you can’t manage to get the best gear in the game through this method, then just continue doing whatever method you were using before. Just use balance to level so that you get used to that spec and you’re aware of all the tricks, and get gear along the way. Enchant your items for spell damage, especially your main hand weapon.

Make sure to only spec on the balance spec. If you get everything you need there, I highly recommend specing a bit in the restoration spec. Decrease the casting time of the spells you most often use to keep you alive.

As you progress as a moonkin, you’ll learn all of the little tricks you can use to both keep you alive and murder your opponets. Moonkins are definitely an awesome class under the druid class, and they can be one of the best out there once you learn how to use them properly.