Guide to 99 Everything in Runescape

One of the most prestigious accomplishments in Runescape is getting a 99 skill. Not just that, but then getting the skill cape to show it off! Getting a 99 skill takes time, dedication, and knowledge. This guide is going to show you all the skills you have to know to achieve 99 in any skill!
The first part is choosing what skill you wish to achieve 99 in. If you have a lot of money, I recommend choosing construction, cooking, or crafting. Those are what every likes to call “money skills”. But, if you are tight on cash, and wish to achieve a 99 in a cheap way (or no cost at all), you should try a skill like woodcutting, or fishing. Once you choose what skill to get to 99, you are ready to begin!

The next part of getting 99 is gathering all of the materials you need. You want to buy everything that you will need on the way before you start. So, let’s say for woodcutting, you would want to buy all the axes that you would be able to use before you start (Ok, there is some money involved here). For fishing, buy all of the bait, fishing rods, nets, harpoons, etc. If you think you could possibly be killed, keep the items you are not using in the bank.

Now you must decide if you want to make money off the skill. Woodcutting, mining, and fishing are all examples of skills you can actually make money off of! If you want to make money off the skill, then you are going to have to bank all of the ores, logs, or fish you collect. This takes a lot of time, unless you are in a spot close to a bank. Let me put it into perspective. If you start at 60 fishing, and just fish lobsters to 99, you would have caught a total of 144,414 lobsters. You could always just cook these, and try to get 99 cooking, but if you sold them all, you would make 40,291,506. That is a lot of cash! You could use that money to buy a lot of different things! Also, from 60 woodcutting to 99, you would have to cut 72,919 yew logs (even though willows are faster). That is a total profit (if banked) of 32,594,793! But, if you don’t want to make money, and just want to get to 99, you would want to try faster methods of skilling. Dropping logs, ores, and fish are faster then banking. Also, you should try mining different ores and cutting different logs if you want to level faster.

OK, you are ready to start! To begin with the skilling, you have to set goals for yourself. Don’t let yourself become addicted, and limit your time to only 2 or 3 hours a day. It will get boring very fast if you don’t limit yourself. Also, try to take breaks every 30 minutes. You deserve a break if you want to succeed without getting bored out of your mind! Listen to music or watch TV while you train, but don’t get too distracted! It will help pass the time, and it is fun to watch TV and get a 99! Be patient! There is no way to get XP faster, just keep going. And also, as a final tip, do not look at how much XP you have every 10 seconds. A lot of people do this to pass time. It is NOT a good idea. It makes it take much longer! So, don’t do it!

The last step is getting that skill cape! Each skill cape is 99k, not very much (at least for most of you). So, good luck, and get that 99 skill!