Comic Shops in the Tri Cities

Living in Kingsport Tennessee there are a few ways to get your geek on aka embrace the hobbies of gaming and comic collecting. I have embraced these hobbies for as long as I can remember, and am still an avid fan of them. In The Tri-Cities (Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol) there are numerous tourist and local attractions. Anyone who knows anything about NASCAR (the official sport of south) knows that the Bristol Motor Speedway is the Mecca of the racing world.
For me personally that means that twice a year my town is overrun with exuberant and oftentimes drunk race fans. To the outsider I am sure that sounds like an elitist and stereotypical slur, but this is not the case. Many of these race-goers are perfectly nice people and behave themselves accordingly. I am not making reference to these ladies and gentlemen at all. It is just their unruly redneck counterparts that spend the majority of their trip littering my streets with booze bottles and vomit that upset me.
Now as I was saying we have many tourist attractions in our area, but for me there is one place that is simply a can’t miss for any and all comic and fantasy lovers. This attraction is Evermore comics, located on Center Street in downtown Kingsport. It is located by a lovely little country restaurant called Peggy Anne’s, a Contemporary Christian club called The Fire Escape and a Good old Mac’s Pharmacy for your laxative buying convenience. Evermore is not the biggest Comic shop in town, but it is my absolute favorite.
There are no parking places in front of the store. Only a sidewalk separates it from the street. This means that unless you are from the neighborhood, you will have to park around back, using the infamous back door entrance. I know it makes no difference which door I come in, but coming in from the rear entrance always makes me feel like a VIP going into an invitation only facility. If the weather is at all nice the door will be wide open, keeping the heat out and hopefully enticing adolescents with heavy pockets to enter.
Upon entry to this little piece of nerd heaven, you will no doubt have gained the attention of the proprietor of this lovely little establishment who will great you with a heart felt “Greetings, welcome to Evermore Comics” until of course you are a regular or returning customer. The loveable and eccentric shop keep will customize his greeting to you depending upon the conversations that you have with him. Regardless of whether you are a first time customer or a retuning Evermore veteran such as myself, you will always be welcome to come grab a seat and spend your allowance.

This infamous proprietor of Evermore comics is known by the name of Wayne, but he will let you call him Wayne for short. I seriously doubt that there is a gamer or comic book collector in all the Tri-Cities that does not know and love this man. From the moment you enter his shop until the time you leave he will do his level best to entertain you with his zany humor and wit. If you are the intellectual sort and have the stomach for it, he will even chat with you about current events, politics, and religion. No topic is too taboo for our friend and comic provider Wayne.

Wayne carries a variety of collectable items sure to appeal to children of all ages, even the ones old enough to draw social security. His merchandise categories includes but are not limited to the following; sports cards, Magic the Gathering, World of Warcraft and Yu gi oh cards. He caries various Marvel, DC, and lesser known comics as well. For the ladies he carries the always hilarious and tacky Boy Crazy cards, as well as Buffy the Vampire Slayer trading cards. Evermore comics also carries Dungeons and Dragons player’s guides and miniatures for making your own fantasy heroes and heroines. You can also find action figures and various board games not currently in the mainstream circulation.

In addition to being a place to acquire merchandise, Evermore comics is a wonderful place for gamers of all ages to gather in a safe and friendly atmosphere to find opponents to compete with in there favorite games. If the shop is not overly busy Wayne may even set aside some time to challenge you to a duel in Magic the Gathering. Beware his legendary red burn deck and be sure to ask him about the green, white, blue exalted deck that mercilessly slaughtered it (a little heads up to the players).

Evermore Comics is a fantastic find for any gamer or comic book fan. He is very reasonable with his prices and accepts credit cards… most of the time. You will notice near the register where he will ring up your purchases that there is a bust the Green Goblin holding a pen that reads “We cheat the other guy and pass the savings on to you”. I have always found this incredibly humorous and always ask him if I’m the other guy or the guy getting the savings. He always reassures me that I am the guy getting the savings, then swiftly slides my credit card. In a seriousness Evermore Comics is a Grade A comic book establishment and Wayne is a huge Asset to the Tri-Cities. If you ever find yourself in the vicinity of the Tri-Cities, make sure you swing by Evermore Comics and tell him that Colt sent you.