World of Warcraft: How to Create the Perfect “Boomkin”

The more I play World of Warcraft, the more I’m seeing the use of “boomkins,” or basically, balance druids in the moonkin form. People refer to these as boomkins, because they really are a great form of caster. Boomkins are casters in the sense that they cast spells and do quite a bit of damage with them, however there’s one more unique characteristic about boomkins. These units have tons of armor, as they get a 400% increase in armor from their equipped items. Often, even if boomkins are equipped with cloth, they can have anywhere between 8 and 15 thousand armor, as a caster!
The other good thing about these casters is the fact that they can still shapeshift into other forms or their basic form to allow them to heal theirselves and allies. Not only are they casters, and have a ton of armor, but they can also heal their selves, even while in immediate battle. Of course the healing wouldn’t be as effective as if they were a restoration druid, but the healing will still be decent enough to keep theirselves in the battle.

So, on to how to equip these guys and keep them doing the best damage as well as with a lot of armor. Moonkins are casters. Therefore, you’re going to want to get them tons of bonus spell damage. If you’re on a private server, I recommend staying restoration until you can get the best gear for that realm, seeing how the majority of the time you’re going to have to run through instances to either get the equips or the tokens to buy them with. Restoration druids are extremely popular in “stealth runs” because they need a healer that can still manage to stealth through the instance. For more information on stealth runs, view my article concerning “world of warcraft: How to effectively manage stealth runs”.

If you can get like T7 gear, or maybe some even better, custom gear for that realm, make sure that you get cloth. If you want leather, you’re going to have quite a bit more armor, but nowhere near as much dps will come out of it. You want cloth for the damage. If you go leather, you’ll be doing about half as much damage, but you’ll be able to take about twice as much damage. It really all works out, but having cloth armor is way more effective.

If you can’t manage to get the best gear in the game through this method, then just continue doing whatever method you were using before. Just use balance to level so that you get used to that spec and you’re aware of all the tricks, and get gear along the way. Enchant your items for spell damage, especially your main hand weapon.

Make sure to only spec on the balance spec. If you get everything you need there, I highly recommend specing a bit in the restoration spec. Decrease the casting time of the spells you most often use to keep you alive.

As you progress as a moonkin, you’ll learn all of the little tricks you can use to both keep you alive and murder your opponets. Moonkins are definitely an awesome class under the druid class, and they can be one of the best out there once you learn how to use them properly.

Guide to 99 Everything in Runescape

One of the most prestigious accomplishments in Runescape is getting a 99 skill. Not just that, but then getting the skill cape to show it off! Getting a 99 skill takes time, dedication, and knowledge. This guide is going to show you all the skills you have to know to achieve 99 in any skill!
The first part is choosing what skill you wish to achieve 99 in. If you have a lot of money, I recommend choosing construction, cooking, or crafting. Those are what every likes to call “money skills”. But, if you are tight on cash, and wish to achieve a 99 in a cheap way (or no cost at all), you should try a skill like woodcutting, or fishing. Once you choose what skill to get to 99, you are ready to begin!

The next part of getting 99 is gathering all of the materials you need. You want to buy everything that you will need on the way before you start. So, let’s say for woodcutting, you would want to buy all the axes that you would be able to use before you start (Ok, there is some money involved here). For fishing, buy all of the bait, fishing rods, nets, harpoons, etc. If you think you could possibly be killed, keep the items you are not using in the bank.

Now you must decide if you want to make money off the skill. Woodcutting, mining, and fishing are all examples of skills you can actually make money off of! If you want to make money off the skill, then you are going to have to bank all of the ores, logs, or fish you collect. This takes a lot of time, unless you are in a spot close to a bank. Let me put it into perspective. If you start at 60 fishing, and just fish lobsters to 99, you would have caught a total of 144,414 lobsters. You could always just cook these, and try to get 99 cooking, but if you sold them all, you would make 40,291,506. That is a lot of cash! You could use that money to buy a lot of different things! Also, from 60 woodcutting to 99, you would have to cut 72,919 yew logs (even though willows are faster). That is a total profit (if banked) of 32,594,793! But, if you don’t want to make money, and just want to get to 99, you would want to try faster methods of skilling. Dropping logs, ores, and fish are faster then banking. Also, you should try mining different ores and cutting different logs if you want to level faster.

OK, you are ready to start! To begin with the skilling, you have to set goals for yourself. Don’t let yourself become addicted, and limit your time to only 2 or 3 hours a day. It will get boring very fast if you don’t limit yourself. Also, try to take breaks every 30 minutes. You deserve a break if you want to succeed without getting bored out of your mind! Listen to music or watch TV while you train, but don’t get too distracted! It will help pass the time, and it is fun to watch TV and get a 99! Be patient! There is no way to get XP faster, just keep going. And also, as a final tip, do not look at how much XP you have every 10 seconds. A lot of people do this to pass time. It is NOT a good idea. It makes it take much longer! So, don’t do it!

The last step is getting that skill cape! Each skill cape is 99k, not very much (at least for most of you). So, good luck, and get that 99 skill!

Comic Shops in the Tri Cities

Living in Kingsport Tennessee there are a few ways to get your geek on aka embrace the hobbies of gaming and comic collecting. I have embraced these hobbies for as long as I can remember, and am still an avid fan of them. In The Tri-Cities (Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol) there are numerous tourist and local attractions. Anyone who knows anything about NASCAR (the official sport of south) knows that the Bristol Motor Speedway is the Mecca of the racing world.
For me personally that means that twice a year my town is overrun with exuberant and oftentimes drunk race fans. To the outsider I am sure that sounds like an elitist and stereotypical slur, but this is not the case. Many of these race-goers are perfectly nice people and behave themselves accordingly. I am not making reference to these ladies and gentlemen at all. It is just their unruly redneck counterparts that spend the majority of their trip littering my streets with booze bottles and vomit that upset me.
Now as I was saying we have many tourist attractions in our area, but for me there is one place that is simply a can’t miss for any and all comic and fantasy lovers. This attraction is Evermore comics, located on Center Street in downtown Kingsport. It is located by a lovely little country restaurant called Peggy Anne’s, a Contemporary Christian club called The Fire Escape and a Good old Mac’s Pharmacy for your laxative buying convenience. Evermore is not the biggest Comic shop in town, but it is my absolute favorite.
There are no parking places in front of the store. Only a sidewalk separates it from the street. This means that unless you are from the neighborhood, you will have to park around back, using the infamous back door entrance. I know it makes no difference which door I come in, but coming in from the rear entrance always makes me feel like a VIP going into an invitation only facility. If the weather is at all nice the door will be wide open, keeping the heat out and hopefully enticing adolescents with heavy pockets to enter.
Upon entry to this little piece of nerd heaven, you will no doubt have gained the attention of the proprietor of this lovely little establishment who will great you with a heart felt “Greetings, welcome to Evermore Comics” until of course you are a regular or returning customer. The loveable and eccentric shop keep will customize his greeting to you depending upon the conversations that you have with him. Regardless of whether you are a first time customer or a retuning Evermore veteran such as myself, you will always be welcome to come grab a seat and spend your allowance.

This infamous proprietor of Evermore comics is known by the name of Wayne, but he will let you call him Wayne for short. I seriously doubt that there is a gamer or comic book collector in all the Tri-Cities that does not know and love this man. From the moment you enter his shop until the time you leave he will do his level best to entertain you with his zany humor and wit. If you are the intellectual sort and have the stomach for it, he will even chat with you about current events, politics, and religion. No topic is too taboo for our friend and comic provider Wayne.

Wayne carries a variety of collectable items sure to appeal to children of all ages, even the ones old enough to draw social security. His merchandise categories includes but are not limited to the following; sports cards, Magic the Gathering, World of Warcraft and Yu gi oh cards. He caries various Marvel, DC, and lesser known comics as well. For the ladies he carries the always hilarious and tacky Boy Crazy cards, as well as Buffy the Vampire Slayer trading cards. Evermore comics also carries Dungeons and Dragons player’s guides and miniatures for making your own fantasy heroes and heroines. You can also find action figures and various board games not currently in the mainstream circulation.

In addition to being a place to acquire merchandise, Evermore comics is a wonderful place for gamers of all ages to gather in a safe and friendly atmosphere to find opponents to compete with in there favorite games. If the shop is not overly busy Wayne may even set aside some time to challenge you to a duel in Magic the Gathering. Beware his legendary red burn deck and be sure to ask him about the green, white, blue exalted deck that mercilessly slaughtered it (a little heads up to the players).

Evermore Comics is a fantastic find for any gamer or comic book fan. He is very reasonable with his prices and accepts credit cards… most of the time. You will notice near the register where he will ring up your purchases that there is a bust the Green Goblin holding a pen that reads “We cheat the other guy and pass the savings on to you”. I have always found this incredibly humorous and always ask him if I’m the other guy or the guy getting the savings. He always reassures me that I am the guy getting the savings, then swiftly slides my credit card. In a seriousness Evermore Comics is a Grade A comic book establishment and Wayne is a huge Asset to the Tri-Cities. If you ever find yourself in the vicinity of the Tri-Cities, make sure you swing by Evermore Comics and tell him that Colt sent you.

Diablo 3: What Happened to the Hype?

Diablo 3 came out with a big bang with game paraphernalia and the works. The advertising alone was extensive. It wasn’t just on the internet on game related sites, but on TV too. The trailers alone teased at what was to come with brand new characters, weapons, and skills. The monsters proposed to be the top of blizzard’s offering. So what happened to the game that some many players got online with it the first time, played it for a couple of days and beat it? The top level being 60 was as far as one could get. You could play four levels of difficulty and still players weren’t satisfied.
Special items that were seen in the previous game of D2 were not seen in D3. Drop rates of legendary or unique items are rare. Players were playing the game with found gear that frankly was barely up to snuff. Some characters. mainly the wizard had low opportunities to kick butt with the found objects that are necessary to clear areas heavy with demons, especially the major demons. For example, my wizard is a level 27 and doesn’t have any special or unique pieces of armor or weapons. I’m in Act 3 fighting Ghom and having the devil of a time fighting a character that every time you die you have to start over each time beating at the creature. It makes it much harder than it should be. If you can’t find any buddies willing to join your game to help you defeat it, leaves you fighting for you life for an overly extended period of time.
I’ve heard complaints about the game being so easy to be beat and yet, I’ve had no easy means of playing myself. The game is good. It’s meant to challenge the average player and taunt the die hard players with little of any thing else to do in their lives except play video games.

My suggestion is this…if you finished the game through all four levels of hell and find time on your hands, go back through and help those struggling to get past the baddies. Even better develop your own game for people to play and challenge others. Even better take a walk outside and get some fresh air. The game will still be there when you return. Best of luck to those like me who are still struggling through it. Have fun to those who’ve already stomped the last menion of hell. I’m enjoying it.