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Verdict: Rich!

In a Nutshell: This is an update to the classic platform puzzler of racing to collect all the gold before the baddies catch you.

(from the game’s XBLA page)

“It’s an all-new Lode Runner gold mine — 3-D graphics, frenzied 2-D action, lodes of modes, 220 levels, multiplayer options, puzzles, a level editor and more! Run, climb, blast blocks, outsmart enemies and grab the gold on your own or with a partner. It’s classic action with “lodes” of new twists.”

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  • Fun Rating: Really Fun
  • ESRB: E
  • Players/Mode: single-player / campaign, puzzle, challenge, two-player/co-op campaign, co-op puzzle, 2-4 player pvp
  • Game Duration:
  • System: Xbox360
  • Developer: Tozai Games
  • Website: http://www.tozaigames.com/loderunner
  • Cost: 1200 MS Points from XBLA
Would I play this again? Definitely
Would I recommend this game? Yes
Was the story good? N/A
Was the music good? Yes
Were the graphics good? Yes, love the 3D upgrade
Was this game difficult? Yes, in later levels
Was this game frustrating? No
Was this game offensive? No
Was this game worth your time/money? Yes
Lode Runner Screenshot

Playing the game
The controls are very basic and stick with the original; use the left stick to walk back and forth, climb ladders, hand walk across ropes, or drop from them. Use the left trigger or the A button to fire to the left and use the right trigger or the B button to fire to the right.

There’s no jumping so you’ll need to use your wits to avoid the enemies. Additionally, you can blast most blocks which will trap an enemy allowing you to walk on their head. But, be careful, because if you trap yourself you’ll lose a life.

Lode Runner Menu

What the game gets right
There’s so much to like about this version of Lode Runner. The graphics got an impressive overhaul, and the music is simple, catchy, and good. The controls and enemies are quick to respond which keeps you on your mental toes through some great challenges. And it is even fun when you don’t succeed as your enemies will do a little dance of joyous celebration at your failure and death.

The game keeps from getting stale by providing 8 different modes of gameplay, different special block types in each world, and a great variation of puzzles to the levels. Co-op is a special hoot as you have to work with an extra brain that you can’t control to perform some precision timing to get through some of the challenges.

And they threw in a level editor.

Lode Runner Screenshot

The achievements for this game actually require effort! None of that nambypamby “Oh, you pressed start, here’s 50 points for unlocking the ‘Self Starter’ achievement.”

What the game gets wrong
Nothing to see here. Move along.

Sum it up
I really had a lot of fun playing this. My wife is confused by that statement as yelling at a game usually means that it isn’t fun. This was an exception as the yelling was because my timing was off, or I didn’t see a monster coming at me, etc. In other words, I was in the game and sometimes the game is hard.

What is it about the old games that makes them so much better than most games these days? Give it a try and find out for yourself.

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Lode Runner

Developer: Tozai Games

The classic dash for gold is back and better than ever!">
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