The Amazing Brain Train

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Verdict: cute

In a Nutshell: The Amazing Brain Train is a collection of logic and memory mini-games.

(from the game’s website)

” All aboard! Power up your intellect and embark on an epic quest aboard The Amazing Brain Train!

Fueled by your mental energy, Professor Fizzwizzle’s Brain Train will take you on a brain-boosting adventure! Put your mighty mind to the test and see how far you can go!”

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Would I play this again? yes
Would I recommend this game? yes
Was the story good? n/a
Was the music good? not bad
Were the graphics good? yes
Was this game difficult? no
Was this game frustrating? no
Was this game offensive? no
Was this game worth your time/money? yes
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Playing the game

Most of the mini-games in The Amazing Brain Train use the mouse to drag, select, or place items.  Some games use the arrow keys for moving a character around.  Apparently you can modify the control scheme so that there’s less clicking involved (I say “apparently” because I totally missed it when I was playing).

What the game gets right

The Amazing Brain Train is incredibly easy to “pick up and play”.  Each mini-game starts with a tutorial screen so you’re never left to try to remember how to play a particular puzzle when the timer starts.  Also, the gameplay is very simple for each mini-game.

The art and sounds are, for lack of a better word, “cuddly”.

For the competitive out there, a local high score leader-board will show you how much more awesome you are against family or friends that have played on the same computer.   If your friends and family aren’t much of a challenge, submit your scores and see how you compare to the high scores on the web (or just download the latest leader-boards . . . and wonder how on EARTH people are getting scores that HIGH?!).

Numerous and varied achievement trophies are a nice reward for hours and hours spent honing your puzzle prowess.

What the game gets wrong

The lack of some sort of difficulty level setting would, and I have to guess here, keep a younger audience from getting high scores (even though the games can be played without a time limit in the Practice mode).

There’s no “grand tabulation” screen of how many times you’ve played a particular game or how many of those you got right or wrong.  Something to show that kind of data would be helpful when going after some of the achievements.

Sum it up

There’s really not much that The Amazing Brain Train gets wrong, per sei.  The two items I’ve listed were probably considered but dismissed for very good reasons (for example, they’re not necessarliy that great of ideas).

It’s hard to tell what age the game is geared towards as the animals and script in the Quest mode seem to be for a younger audience than the difficulty level of the mini-games.

However, The Amazing Brain Train makes me want to try the other Grubby Games and see what adventures or messes Professor Fizzwizzle gets into.

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TABT Screenshot
The Amazing Brain Train

Developer: Grubby Games

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